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Gutsmuths. After transformation of Christianity into the state religion of the Roman Empire ancient physical culture went into decline and in 394 year, under the Emperor Theodosius, was followed by the refusal of the Olympic games and the Olympic calendar. The industrial revolution and mass production has led to the fact that more and more people began to appear free time. Pregnant women are recommended to do exercise for half an hour a day and five days a week. desport — "the game", "entertainment") is organized according to certain rules human activity, consisting in the comparison of their physical or intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity, and interpersonal relations arising in the process. In this lab was created by a group of training of basic skills.

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In the Netherlands as popular pastime steel skates. Ball games were used by the peoples of America to resolve disputes (including disputes over territory) and often wore a ritual, especially during the heyday of the Mayan culture; the defeat in the game could result in death for the losers who were sacrificed. The history of the development of trainings and development of training goes back thousands of years. Founded in the I century BC the image of a professional athlete — fist fighter — works by Apollonius, son of Nestor, shows how far by this time left the concept of the sport from his original idea. Another was more tolerant attitude towards popular people's entertainment in the regions dominated by Orthodoxy. In the same period, deaf physical culture and at the other end of Eurasia, in China, where under the influence of Confucianism fell interest in the physical development of man. This in turn has become the key to participation in sport.